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Yesplus partners with universities to design and implement scalable campus solutions, working with existing programming and structures to provide students and staff with practical tools and frameworks for greater personal resilience and growth, authentic social connections, and a deeper sense of meaning.

Yesplus programming content and formats can be tailored to meet the interests and goals of the university departments we partner with. We design and deliver custom offerings in partnership with university departments, bodies and student clubs in the areas of:

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Leadership Development

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Wellness, Stress-Management, and Resilience

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Life Skills

What University Staff Say

Linnette Dobbs-Fuller


Yesplus is the best gift that I could have given to myself. The seemingly simple breathing techniques are truly transformative in that the results are experienced immediately. Committing to this daily practice has allowed me to start my day fully charged, grounded, centered with a clear and focused mind. The practice allows me to set the tone for my day allowing me to be prepared to handle with confidence the stresses that come with a challenging job. A most noticeable benefit for me in my professional life has been a heightened sense of clarity and a confident knowingness that all challenges will be worked out. I am therefore able to fully give my attention to handling the tasks at hand. The YesPlus program works for me because I have committed to working the techniques daily in my life!

Jill Klimpel

Academic Advisor

As an academic counselor, I talk to students all day, so I am very aware of their stresses, worries, and concerns. They talk to me about their grades, schedules, and professional plans, and they also share with me their personal stories, as the personal and professional are inevitably connected.

This up-and-coming generation is very inspiring to me. They have so many ideas and are motivated to make real change. But I also see a lot of fear, worry, concern, isolation, as well as excessive pressure to “be someone”. Sometimes they don’t realize they already “are someone”, someone amazing, if they just could open their eyes and see themselves without all the stresses covering up their shining talents and skills.

The YesPlus course helps them realize their potential by assisting them to remove stress. It allows them to wake up to the notion that they are unique, powerful, and amazing individuals. By removing the stress, they allow themselves to see who they truly are: amazing, inspiring, and powerful shining stars – ready to make changes to this world that is so in need of their contribution.



Linnette Dobbs-Fuller
Director, Program Development, Office for Professional Development, Nova Southeastern University, College of Dental Medicine

Shawnte Elbert
Director of Health & Wellness, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis. (Formerly at Wellness Center at University of North Carolina, Charlotte.)

Jill Klimpel
Academic Advisor, Department of Geography, Ohio State University

University Support of Yesplus

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Why Yesplus

Neither at home nor at school are students taught how to deal with stress in healthy ways. Research suggests that proactive approaches to stress-reduction, enhanced social connection, and service-based engagement with community can significantly enhance health, happiness and quality of life for students.

Our innovative life-skills training programs combine mind-body practices with interactive discussions and experiential processes so that students can gain valuable skills to better navigate the personal, social, and academic landscape and pressures of college.

Our Model of Change


connect with self

Connect With Self

PURPOSE: Clear and relax the mind. Develop self-awareness. Increase personal resilience. Increase energy and capacity naturally. Gain equanimity and broader perspectives on life.

TOOLS: Breath work, yoga and meditation, life skills frameworks and perspectives.

RESULTS: Reduced stress, anxiety and depression; Increased optimism, energy.

connect with others

Connect With Others

PURPOSE: Build authentic trusting relationships. Find strength in vulnerability. Handle criticism and mistakes. Value cooperation and conflict resolution.

TOOLS: Experiential processes to build trust and group discussions about belonging, naturalness, and trust.

RESULTS: Increased self-esteem, self-confidence and social connection; Expanded sense of belonging and community.

connect with purpose and meaning

Connect With Purpose + Meaning

PURPOSE: Discover purpose and meaning from within. Connect academic course work with life experience. Lead and inspire others through setting a vision and taking action. Feel a deeper sense of connection to themselves, others and the world.

TOOLS: Guided self-reflection and implementation of service initiatives.

RESULTS: Mindset of service and responsibility; Greater fulfillment and sense of purpose; Development of leadership and life skills.

Contact Our Student Leaders

Appalachian State University

Contact: Dominic Ysidron;

                  Karen Perk

Phone:  919-561-0886;




Arizona State University

Contact: Sagar Kalburg (Vice President)

Auburn University

ContactShubbhi Taneja


Bradley University


ContactAllison Walsh

Cargenie Mellon University


Duke University

Contact: Anna Bensley


Florida International University

ContactTyrell Capers


Georgia Tech

ContactKarthik Kotari

Hult Business School

ContactSarthak Tibdewal

Phone617-961 2550

John Hopkins University

ContactAnjali Chawla


Lehigh University

ContactDustin Dannenhauer

Mississippi State University

Contact: Vivek Dikshit

Phone: 662-312-3237



ContactBlake Elias;

                   Kishor Nayar;



Northeastern University

Contact: Manuj Goyal


ContactIsha Sharma

Phone(917) 449-2856

Ohio State

ContactMonish Sangtani



Purdue University

ContactGunawantha Kondapaneni

Phone(832) 729-9657


San Jose State University

ContactBhargav Surapaneni

Phone:  408-463-8049



Springfield College

Contact: Kristin Tate;

                Sarah Kelneris

Phone:  774-364-2725;




University of Albany

University of California – Berkeley

University of Chicago

Contact: Rashmi Boga

Phone:  704-491-4679


University of Colorado, Boulder

ContactBarrett Vickery


University of Florida

ContactManu Chandrasekaran



University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Contact: Krishna Anapindi



University Of Indiana Bloomington

Contact: Garima Jethwani


University of Minnesota

ContactDeepti Verma


University of Nevada, Reno

ContactIsabella Jacobs

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Contact: Aishwarya Hariharan



University of North Carolina, Charlotte

ContactKritika Nagpal

University of Pennsylvania

ContactTara Rajgopal

University of Southern California

ContactAnil Ramakrishna

University of Texas, Dallas

ContactHarish Babu

University of Wisconsin

ContactMaddie Fontaine

Vanderbilt University

ContactSandeep Kothiwale


For Students

Yesplus students build successful Yesplus campuses. By organizing Yesplus programs and events through campus clubs, Yesplus student leaders bring to other students –

Practical tools for managing stress, feeling centered, AND being happy

Role models who integrate personal wellbeing into their success

Life and leadership skills through service

A positive conscious lifestyle community

Fun events that support a healthy body and mind

In addition to hosting their own events, YESPLUS CLUBS and LEADERS serve as a resource to other student organizations, university departments and other related campus initiatives.

Yesplus Campus Clubs

Our national network of student clubs organize campus activities – for students, by students. Yesplus provides clubs with certified teachers and content for Yesplus programming, and supports Yesplus campus clubs in hosting the following types of events:

  • Weekly Club Sessions
  • Open Meditation Yoga Sessions
  • Yesplus Retreats
  • Campus Campaigns
  • Social Media Challenges
  • Substance Free Yoga, Music & Dance Events
  • Global Service Trips
  • Stress-Busters & Study Breaks

Starting a Club in 9 Easy Steps

1. Visit your university’s student organization website to learn about requirements for forming a new club.

If possible, visit your student activities center in person as well to speak to someone about starting up a new club. The appropriate person to contact will likely be listed on the website. General requirements usually include: Purpose/mission statement, X number of officers, X number of potential/committed members, a faculty adviser, organization constitution.

Building a Club Membership in 6 Easy Steps

Congratulations on starting your very own Yesplus club! Now that you are an official club, you are probably wondering how to attract members. See below for a few ideas:

1.Find out when your school’s activity fair is.

Usually a fair like this will occur at the beginning of the first semester and is sometimes held again at the beginning of second semester. If you’ve missed the deadline, never fear! Skip down to #2 for more ideas 🙂

Become a Yesplus Leader

Yesplus leaders move with passion and creativity to transform their campuses into happier and more connected communities.

What Do YesPlus Leaders Do?

Yesplus Leaders initiate and grow campus clubs that host regular club meetings and organize events and retreats that bring to students tools and frameworks for healthier and happier lives. As you lead, you are supported in integrating skills and perspectives on health and well being, social connection, and service into your leadership.

Yesplus supports you in organizing your events, growing your clubs, and becoming more useful on campus. As you gain greater experience and grow as a leader, you can choose to assist workshops and potentially become a certified Yesplus teacher yourself!

How Do I Become a YesPlus Leader?

If you are inspired to understand yourself and grow as a leader by helping other students and your campus - you’re qualified! The first steps is to take a Yesplus retreat as soon as possible - whether on your campus (if available) or on another campus. From there, Yesplus provides you with leadership training, mentorship, and resources to help you succeed. This training includes the Yesplus Leadership Retreat, a four-day residential intensive retreat that strengthens you personally and builds your capacity as a Yesplus leader. You become part of a national network of Yesplus Leaders who support each other and coordinate national student-driven campaigns and events.

How Will I Grow As A Yesplus Leader?

Personal Development

  • Take on responsibility with ease and joy
  • Clearly and effectively express yourself
  • Become more confident and overcome self-doubt
  • Connect meaningfully with others
  • Move beyond your comfort zone to discover new talents and interests
  • Develop strong presence student-driven campaigns and events.

Leadership Development

  • Create and implement new ideas
  • Manage your time well
  • Building and managing volunteer teams
  • Planning events
  • Communications and marketing